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  1. Anth
    Anth March 4, 2014 at 9:33 pm |

    As always, your posts bring a smile to my face. From a photographer’s perspective (if you’d call me a photographer), photoshopping is offputting to me. To me, it diminishes the photography aspect of photography. I should clarify that not all photoshop falls into this category. Sharpening, adjusting curves and levels, saturation, and things of that nature don’t bother me. These are all things that are fundamental to the art of processing; people did this in darkrooms or by use of filters before computers existed. The way people view images on computer screens and screen calibration changes things so dramatically anyhow. This is just the digital extension of such things. The ridiculous airbrushing and altering a person’s body is annoying, though. Five minutes looking at before and after photography will tell you everything you need to know about what “photography” is today. It’s not about the photograph, it’s about how good the people do in post-production. To me, part of photography is understanding light and angles. EVERYONE has good angles and bad angles, and your job as a photographer is to capture the good ones and, just as it is to understand light and set it up so that it is flattering and doesn’t create a poor image. I hate that commercial photography has very little to do with photography these days. Everyone has a certain beauty, and it used to be the photographer’s job to see it and capture it, but now it is just up to some graphics wizard to create an image to create whatever conventional sort of beauty is mainstream. So yeah, fuck everyone else who photoshops like that, too 😛