Brief Bio:

I’m Raivyn dK, an industrial metal musician/producer, paranormal investigator, shock artist, tattoo enthusiast, pescatarian, and obviously, personal style/beauty blogger. This is a daily ‘show and tell’ documenting my style, and perhaps my closet will inspire you to come up with some great outfits yourself. There are no limits.

photo by a.d. wheeler photography / studio x imaging

photos by a.d. wheeler photography

Why I Started This Blog:

For as long as I can remember, I have always viewed clothing and makeup as a visual art, a sort of character creation. [I have been a performance artist since the age of 3.]

I love to experiment with different styles, colors, and accessories. I have never really been one to follow the latest trends- I just go with what feels right to me at the moment. There are no set rules, only ideas, visions. I’m not an overly flashy person by nature, but I still love to have fun.

People are always asking me about the way I look and the things I wear, so in 2013, I finally decided to start a blog to show off my personal style and tell people about where I shop, as well as the deals I find.

But it’s not all about material possessions- I have a lot to say about true beauty [i.e. being a good person, individuality and positive self image] and challenging the trends that society deems ideal and ‘beautiful’.


Weekly Mailing List:

If you like what I post here, please, sign up for the mailing list on the upper left side of this blog.

What you’ll get- a personal letter from yours truly at the end of every week, rehashing what had happened here, as well as other stuff in my everyday life- life lessons, makeup tips, how to find something when your entire wardrobe is black… Okay, I can’t explain the latter. It’s difficult. LOL

You get letters of love from me. That’s the jist of it. <3


About Advertising:

This blog does contain advertisements, and I do write paid reviews. However, I only accept offers I am truly interested in. This is a personal style blog, not a webzine showcasing the latest trends. My individuality is very important to me.

In regard to product review/feature requests, I do require compensation [which is negotiable]. Advertisers, you can contact me here with your inquiries. [Please take note that your product may be featured in not just one review post, but rather, several posts- outfits, makeup, etc.]

I also place affiliate links in some of my posts, more specifically, those featuring products I have bought myself.



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